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submissions are open

one hundred five

cosmic diagram by sarah edwards

one hundred two

i am not totally sure how i am by matt margo and 40 other people

assembled by matt margo and featuring 39 who each wrote a single line and one who wrote the poem’s title including:

matt margo

mario ariza

tony arnold

maverick lee back

cort bledsoe

justin carter

tom courtright

paul cunningham

brendan curtin

chris dankland

walter davis

juan antonio del lobo

patrick dicristofaro

danielle dunlap

russ februaryy

zach fiore

james ganas

michael gomez

christopher higgs

bryan infante

scott riley irvine

austin islam

owen kaelin

lewis lacook

ellen major

katey metcalf

sami nesnidol

jackson nieuwland

terry pack

sean pakos

beach sloth

nathan springer

nathan stapleton

zach stone

caitlin tedrow

theo thimo

david tomaloff

timo tuhkanen

chris watts

cody thomas allen woodley

andrew duncan worthington

one hundred one

Green (web). B(e)day Edition. by sarah edwards

is sarah edwards the new face of imgaypress??

one hundred

untitled love poem #1 by j.s. rien


channeled by Sez. A


wall of gay porn by hannah fantana